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Powerlifting Bench Press

Female Powerlifting

Six Powerlifting Tips for Women

The art of female powerlifting

Powerlifting is a physical strength competition that consists of a bench press, squatting, and the deadlift. Many males and females compete in this sport.

Female powerlifting training

Here are some tips to female powerlifting. The most important thing to have is knowledge, if you know about the field then you will be a lot better off. Undergarments can make a difference, sometimes they are too tight and don't cover the areas that you really need to protect. If you wear proper gear you will be able to move around easier and you will have better protection. Wear a smaller t-shirt so it will fit better with your uniform. Another huge tip is not to wear any oils or lotions during competitions, the suits can be hard to get on with it. Also eating healthy and getting the proper sleep and vitamins is very important. Also take vitamin b6 as it will decrease your amount of water weight and just water that might hinder your performance.

Female powerlifting training can vary depending on what you want and how much results you intend to get during your work outs. You should work out four times a week and each body area twice a week. Day one should consist of squats, pause squats, barbell rows, and cable pulls which work the upper back. Day two should consist of bench, incline bench, curls, crunches, and bike ab exercises which work the arms and the abs. Day three should consist of deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, leg curls, and calf raises which work your legs. Day four should consist of band bench, close grip bench, reverse curls, decline and reverse crunches which work you're arms and abs.

Female powerlifting competitions

Woman powerlifting competitions are no different than men. They just involve females only. The official times for the competitions for females seem to take place in May but there are probably many more competitions that just aren't final competitions or the biggest competitions that you can get into.

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