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Powerlifting Bench Press

Six Powerlifting Tips for Women

The internet is filled with sites that offer tips on powerlifting but not many are geared toward providing information on the subject for women. The information provided here is given specifically with women in mind.
As with any aspect proper preparation and planning is required. A woman needs to decide which techniques suit her physique and which do not. Do not set a goal that cannot be easily reached. Determine what the goal is.
The most important factor is knowledge. Knowing about the field will prevent any mishaps and will also prevent overworking yourself to the point where the body is harmed. Believe that having a little muscle will help to improve your appearance. Many men find muscles on a woman to be sexy.
Many personal trainers are available to guide women through the experience step by step.  This is a highly recommended method since professionals know what needs to done before beginning and when to stop. Success with powerlifting will depend on which techniques are used and how they are completed.
The speed in which you perform the exercise will also have a bearing on the success rate achieved.  Slower movement is recommended to prevent bodily injury during the exercise process.

  1. Believe it or not the undergarments you wear can make a difference.  Select undergarments that are not too tight and cover the area in question. Lycra bras are recommended for this type of workout.
  2. When selecting clothing to wear during your workout, choose a T-shirt that is smaller than the normal size you wear in order to fit properly with the workout suit.
  3. Do not use any skin products like lotion or oils when working out or participating in competitions. Suits are easier to put on with the skin in its normal state.
  4. Eating properly is important for all sports, powerlifting is no different. Be sure to eat healthy foods with high nutritional value. Being fit begins with good eating habits to keep you in excellent shape. The body requires a certain number of calories, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats to function properly and allow tolerance for physical exertion required during the powerlifting exercise. A good amount of rest is also important to remain fit for powerlifting.
  5. Women should use pads just like for periods to prevent an embarrassing occurrence if the body has reached the maximum limit. A pad is recommended for squats and lifting.
  6. Ensure your intake of Vitamin B6 is high. Lemons are also an excellent source to decrease water level of the body and eliminate excess weight that could hinder performance during a competition or workout.

There are many exercises that can be incorporated into the routine. Do not simply use one, incorporate several techniques and exercises into your regular routine in order to work different parts of the body.
Another recommendation is to consult a physician before beginning a powerlifting routine to ensure your body is healthy enough to tolerate this.  Keep in mind this is not for everyone, obtain the advice of a medical professional.

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